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LCEJ Eco-Hospitality Project (LEHp)

The pedagogy adopted by LCEJ to generate a lifestyle transformation is not based on convincing and educating, but on affecting the emotional intelligence of visitors and guests, to coach them so that they can open themselves to the joy of a living style that is more environment-friendly. For example, to create a garden where the ornamental and the functional, the playfulness and the professional blend together in a way that intrigues the visitor, liberates potentials for thinking differently. We also think about the setup of our guest rooms, so that they are comfortable and unique, with soap holders in coconut shells, towel holder in fan palm tree branches and dust bins in recycled linen. Yet, the suggested project is much more than Eco-items and comfort.

The project aims at generating an ongoing reflection on “hospitality.” In the context of an ecological crisis, a pandemic, resurgence of xenophobic and nationalistic tendencies, what does it mean to be hospitable? In its attempt to be hospitable, LCEJ is first and foremost a space of listening, a silencing of LCEJ noise that is experience of the responsibility for the ‘other’. Could hospitality become a means to affect emotional intelligence in a liberating way?

Eco-Hospitality Project: Service
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