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Research Unit

From the LCEJ perspective, research is not what directly generates solutions. Real and lasting solutions are better caused by those who suffer the most from neoliberal capitalism and the environmental crisis. However, LCEJ believes that working at giving access to the analysis, insights and discoveries of experts to low-income families is necessary. 

Since August 2020, amid a pandemic, LCEJ is creating a network of experts who have agreed to advise LCEJ Centre Operating System (COS) members.  LCEJ associates those experts with the activities of its Research Unit. LCEJ staff's role is first to: first, select the most relevant aspects of their scientific research or expertise in a particular field. Furthermore, translate them into a language that adapts to the families LCEJ is coaching. And finally, present it to help describe their experience and organize better their thoughts.  

LCEJ Research Unit focuses on a set of seven topics:

1. Climate Change & Energy
2. Natural Resources & Waste
3. Green, Just & Global Economy
4. Agriculture & Land Management
5. Industrial Pollution & Chemicals
6. Water, Marine & Fishery
7. Biodiversity & Ecosystems

Research Unit: Programs
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