Spiritual Exercises in

7x7x7 mode

The type of spiritual exercises presented here is an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. Those doing the spiritual exercises in a 7x7x7 mode are invited to make everyday, during seven days, a short meditation of seven minutes followed by seven seconds for a colloquy (intimate conversation with God). The same passage of the Scriptures is used during seven days, each day being dedicated to a particular type of exercise, seven in total. This type of spiritual exercises are one of the many ways Christians have to deal with a sacred text. The spiritual exercises can be contrasted with historical interrogation, literary and theological analyses and an ordinary spiritual reading of Scriptures.

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The world behind the text... 

Historical interrogation investigates the world behind the text, not in the sense of a historical reality chronologically or causally anterior to the text, but in the sense of conditions of possibility of a text emerging at this point in time and in this place. 

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The world of the text... 

Literary and theological analyses investigate the text as it stands, both in terms of what is saying (theologically) and how it is saying it (literarily).

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The world in front of the text...

Attention to the spirituality of the text attends to the life possibilities that the text opens out before the reader, the faith reality or world of commitment into which the reader is invited.

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The world hidden in the text...

The term “spiritual exercises” shows that the daily exercises are concerned with acting and making choices. The spiritual exercises are not limited to a means for personal growth. They are primarily an opportunity for individual Christians to respond unreservedly to the true God who calls them to be members of the Church in the world. They are a call to find God in the daily life.