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Mutur Eco-Sewing Centre

LCEJ Mutur Eco-Sewing Centre (MESC) was created in Fall 2020 by the second Director and his managing team to support the activities of LCEJ Programmes. The Trincomalee Diocese Eco-Programme (TDEP) included the distribution of eco-bags and eco-items to low-income families. The making of those eco-items required a reliable structure, and that structure took the form of an eco-sewing centre. Furthermore, the different Reuse and Recycle projects developed by LCEJ, in order to be effective, called for a stable structure that would bring transparency, fairness, trustworthiness, and accountability to LCEJ activities.

Mutur Eco-Sewing Centre (MESC): Programs
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Kanniya Centre

The Kanniya Centre is producing eco-items made from the most ordinary natural material you can find in Sri Lanka. We mainly use coconuts, palm tree branches and ordinary branches.

Mutur Eco-Sewing Centre (MESC): Programs
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