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LCEJ Activities 2020-2025

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LCEJ programmes consist of activities with a long-term aim. They consists of instructions to orient LCEJ operations. The members of LCEJ Centre Operating System (Director, Vice-Director, Executive-Secretary and Managers), during a strategic planning session, decide on a five-year umbrella programme. All LCEJ programmes are joyous occasions to bend the curve of ecological disruption whilst promoting justice.

To keep programmes on track, members of the Centre Operating System (COS) see if LCEJ activities benefit the local community in reducing the alarming effects of pollution. They evaluate if LCEJ activities offer solutions and enhance learning. Thus, COS members lay out the programme process, programmes resources and budget, and put into place a system of evaluation. When evaluating the programme, a special attention must be given to the possibilities of coordination with other programmes to increase effectiveness. Finally, they must plan key indicators for the programme success.  


LCEJ umbrella programme is divided into more specific programmes and projects. Projects represent a single, focused endeavour. Different projects complement each other to achieve the goals of respective programmes. Projects are temporary endeavours undertaken to create a unique service and result. Projects have defined scope and resources.

A project team is composed of the Director, the Vice-Director, the Executive Secretary and Associates.  Project management consists in the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirement. Effective project management relies in part on improvisation and coaching. Projects should minimise costs and tend towards sustainability. 

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LCEJ Centres are semi-permanent entities necessary for the development of LCEJ activities. They provide a collaborative environment to LCEJ Associates for training, activities and research.

Centres are managed by the Director and a group of selected Associates. LCEJ Centres are not business centres. LCEJ and its staff do not make any financial profit out of the activities of those Centres. A monthly stipend is given to the Associates because most of them come from low-income families and cannot afford to participate in the activities of the Centres out of their own pocket. That stipend does not depend on how much they work or the quantity of object they make. 

The goal of the Centres is to provide an opportunity to low-income members of the society, especially women, to be part of the solution to the present environmental crisis. Their way of life, critical reflections and activities produce environmental effects that are beneficial to the local community.

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